Announcing Dogs Wow Dogs, the Must-Have DVD for Families with Kids and Dogs

Studio City, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2006

Modern American society is changing quickly. Even our values face pressure to adapt. But one top priority is held near and dear: the quality care and treatment of children and pets. One has to look at the recent disaster of Hurricane Katrina to know it to be true. So when a DVD like Animal Wows Dogs Wow Dogs is introduced to the market with its positive and playful approach, how can you go wrong?

This award-winning DVD celebrates the importance of the natural connection between children and pets. Kids learn how to be safe and successful with the family dog and neighborhood animals. The show features two thirty-minute episodes plus DVD bonus extras, and covers an impressive range of topics, including safety, feeding, grooming, tricks, obedience, health, helping, games, breeds and mutts, empathy, love, caring and responsibility, and bringing home a new family dog.

Plus, the show is brilliant family entertainment. The whole family can enjoy the whimsical settings, such as a 50s diner to learn about feeding a dog, or a flying bathtub to discover that both pets and kids need to be clean. Even adults love the dozen catchy songs, comedy, and innovative visual style that combines animation and special effects with puppet hosts and their human sidekicks, like Super Vet, a flying veterinarian who guides the shows many safety tips.

Animal Wows creator and producer, Larry Kay, invested more than two years in research and development, bringing together experts in early childhood education, animal behavior and training, and an award-winning creative team in childrens media. Kay states, Animal Wow inspires good values and life skills in children by turning pets into best friends. Since more than three out of every four families with children have at least one pet, high quality pet care education can make a big impact on a familys happiness and well-being. But for kids to really want to learn, it has to be fun — really, really fun.

Kay is no stranger to the world of childrens media. I have had the honor of writing for Mickey Mouse and Kermit the Frog — alter egos for two of my heroes, Walt Disney and Jim Henson, says Kay. His work has been described as soulful, playful, respectful, kind and visionary. Kay was the original writer and co-designer of the Freddi Fish computer game series, which won more than 75 awards and sold over 2.5 million CDROMs worldwide in a dozen languages. His credits include TV writing for The Pink Panther and computer game design for The Muppets.

Kay is also a veteran childrens media producer and strategist. At Disney he was Senior Product Manager and Senior Producer for the companys award-winning kids and education programming via the Internet portal. He also represented the company in industry, community and government forums, and consulted on interactive games for Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, 101 Dalmatians and Toy Story 2.

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