Best Puppy Tips to Make Your Puppy Obey Your Every Command

Kernersville, NC (PRWEB) September 10, 2005

Best puppy training tips helps you:

Make your dog do What you want When you want

Prevent “Doggy Destruction”

Stop wasting your valuable money replacing your comfortable shoes, remote controls and your favorite chair

Eliminate embarrassing pet stains… Housebreak in days NOT months

Keep your dog from jumping up on you and your guests

Train in minutes a day…perfect for the person on the go

Sick of chasing your dog out of the front door or holding them with back with your leg?

Eliminate “Door Crashing”. Keep’em inside until you say they can leave.

Learn the tricks of the trade.

Step by step instructions with detailed descriptions.

Make training fit your schedule not the other way around.

Learn to know your dog better than they know themselves.

These techniques work on all size and breed of dog. There are no bad breeds, only bad trainers. Even the “difficult” breeds, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman. We Can Train All of Them, and so can You!

A Breeze For Anyone To Use – If you know how to use your voice and the proper equipment, you’ll know that you don’t need a magic wand or fairy dust to have a perfect dog and get amazing results.

It’s Easy. So simple you won’t believe it.

If you’re not understanding and following the correct dog training techniques, you’re wasting valuable time and effort on spinning your wheels with no opportunity of moving forward. Not only are you wasting your time, but you’re very likely frustrating your dog and causing a lot of undo stress to them. Oh by the way you are probably also contributing to their low self esteem. Picture being able to go next door, leaving your front door wide open and not having to say a word or worry about their health or safety! You will decrease your training time substantially and gain more incredible results than you thought you ever could.

How to speed up training results by taking advantage of your dog’s instincts

Better results, and “treat free” See that it does not take a million dollars in dog treats to get them to obey. Your voice and hands are the treat.

Find out the best breed for you. In depth details on Americas most popular breeds.

Pain free dog obedience for both you and the dog.

Use inflection and tone to make the most out of your voice.

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