Bring More Than Just Your Briefcase to Work Sit Means Sit Can Help You Take a Well-Behaved Pooch to the Office

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 21, 2006 –

Cure those cubicle blues and bring mans best friend to the office with you on Friday, June 23rd for Take Your Dog to Work Day. Rover can help you go over those spreadsheets and Spike can be the practice audience for your next presentation. Statistics show that bringing dogs to the office can lead to more creativity and productivity, less stress, and an overall happier working environment. The trainers at Sit Means Sit work with dogs on a daily basis and can provide the best tips to making your pups ready for their corporate debut.

First, dogs should have professional obedience training with their owners.

Bring food and water to keep them happy.

Keep them from barking, bring a toy or puppy treats.

Have a doggie bed in the office so they have a place to stay.

Keep them on a leash whenever possible and follow leash laws.

Reinforce the waiting call so that the dogs do not run off without supervision.

Practice the place call at home so that the dog will be comfortable and used to staying at his bed in a new environment.

Take Your Dog to Work Day is an important event for all dog lovers because it gives coworkers a chance to see the wonderful bond between the dog and owner, as well as show people how truly beneficial training can be, said Lianne Shinton, Sit Means Sit trainer. All of these tips, especially reinforcing the waiting and place calls, can transfer over to any situation if properly practiced with your dog beforehand.

Take Your Dog to Work Day was created in 1999 for companies to recognize the merit of dogs in the workplace and increase the awareness of dog adoptions nationwide.

About Sit Means Sit: Founded and Created by Fred Hassen in 1998, No Limitations is a studied, tested, proven, specialized language that is immediately communicated to the dog in a non-confrontational way. No Limitations Schools are located in Las Vegas, Denver and Toronto. Fred is also the owner of Sit Means Sit Dog Training the most successful remote dog training business in the 31-year history of remote collar dog training. With the advance of technology over the years, Fred Hassen has recognized the tremendous advantage that a professionally trained remote collar trainer has over other dog trainers using any other method.


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