Christian Filmmaker And Childrens Minister Releases Engaging Book Of Puppet Skits

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) October 9, 2006

This book has been 25 years in the making. Thats how long author J. David Baker has been teaching kids using exciting, skit-driven lessons that nail home the truth of the Bible lesson while kids are being entertained.

Mr. Baker has been involved in childrens church puppet ministry since he was in childrens church himself, most recently completing a ten-year period of ministering to over 250 kids every week at a mega church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now hes taking time off to finish his new book, How to be Wicked and Eaten by Dogs, featuring 20 puppet skits that have grown out of his long history of performing many of these very skits.

J. David Baker definitely has a heart for teaching kids. This last summer he released an exciting spy thriller, RSTC: Reserve Spy Training Corps, that also uses an exciting story to teach a Biblical principle. He believes that in our media-centered culture, kids need things that grab and keep their attention in order to teach them important Biblical truths and values. This book is about teaching kids while being entertaining, Mr. Baker explains. RSTC was about teaching a lesson while being exciting. We cant expect our kids to sit and listen to our Biblical message if we cant keep their attention, or if they believe that there is more fun to be had away from the things of God.

How to be Wicked and Eaten by Dogs covers a wide range of topics, from stealing to forgiveness to sharing your faith. The Bible stories cover the Old and New Testament, with interviews from such animals as a possum who shared a prison cell with Joseph (he was locked up for playing dead without a license) and, of course, the only animal to actually talk to humans, Balaams donkey.

Author Contact Information:

J. David Baker

(405) 253-0477

Book Statistics:

ISBN: 1598006207

Retail Price(s):$ 24.95

Size and Format(s): 8.5 x 11 paperback

Page Count: 108

Availability: Ingram, Baker & Taylor,, B&,


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