Dog Training at Home More Effective than Obedience Classes

Snowflake, AZ (PRWEB) February 27, 2006

Most experts agree (though few will admit it!) that dog training at home is faster and more effective than weekly dog classes, dog obedience school or expensive dog trainers.

It doesn’t matter if the dog is a puppy or an older adult. Good home dog training program can produce BIG improvements in a dog’s behavior in as little as 30 minutes.

Obedience Training Can Save A Dog’s Life

Most dog owners will agree that it feels great to have a well-behaved dog that people enjoy having around. It is also rewarding to have a dog who will play games and do tricks. But personal pride and enjoyment are not the only — or even the best— reasons to have an obedient dog. Excellent obedience training can actually save a dog’s life.

Dogs who run off at distractions and do not come when called represent a dangerous situation to their owners, themselves and others. If a family pet runs out into traffic and does not respond immediately to the “come” command, a passing car could injure or kill them.

Worse, if a family dog is aggressive toward humans and injures someone,local authorities can take the dog away or even require that the dog be “put down.” After losing a dog over such aggressive behavior, ugly lawsuits are still likely.

A well-behaved, obedient dog is more than just a pet of pride. Canine companions can either be great friends and assets OR a HUGE liability. The difference lies largely in the training, and good training can save a dog’s life.

Want a Great Dog? Think Like a Dog!

Dogs don’t think like people do. They are pack animals. They look to the “Alpha Dog” (Pack Leader) for “the rules.” Just by feeding, an owner helps establish onesself as The Alpha Dog. But feeding isn’t enough “alpha behavior” to train good obedience. In fact, offering food or treats for training is not the best way to establish Alpha position.

Once you understand how dogs thinks, you will understand how to establish your place as The Alpha Dog. When a dog accepts you as Alpha, training becomes easy —- no matter how young, old, big, or ill-behaved that dog may be right now.

That is one reason why training at home is often superior to dog obediene classes or expensive dog trainers. When an owner trains their dog in the correct way, they are establishing their place as The Alpha Dog. When a trainer works with a dog, it’s the trainer who is earning the dog’s respect, not the owner.

To find out more about why dog Training at home is the faster, more effective way to have an obedient, loving, happy pet, visit our website and request the FREE Report ” 7 Doggone Good Reasons To Train Your Dog at Home.”

Training Your Dog at Home is a most effective dog obedience training method, and we can prove it!

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