FRESH PATCH Disposable Dog Potty with REAL Grass

FRESH PATCH Disposable Dog Potty with REAL Grass

FRESH PATCH Disposable Dog Potty with REAL Grass

  • Perfect for Balconies or Wherever You Want Your Pup To Go
  • Complex Root Structure – Naturally Absorbs Urine and Odors
  • Hydroponically Grown Grass – Clean and Dirt Free
  • REAL Grass Naturally Attracts Dogs
  • Fully Disposable

FRESH PATCH is a R-E-A-L grass, fully disposable dog potty that conveniently meets your pup’s bathroom needs whenever you can’t. A user-friendly alternative to plastic potty pads, each 16″x24″ box combines specially grown, dirt-free grass with a leak-resistant, throwaway container. Fresh Patch is clean, absorbent, and eco-friendly. Say good-bye to those unsightly pee pads and make the switch to REAL grass today!

FRESH PATCH ships via FedEx Home Delivery every Monday. Orders placed after Monday, 10am EST will ship the following Monday.

List Price: $ 24.00

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Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) June 16, 2006

House training or potty training your dog or housebreaking your puppy to use a litter box is definitely the new rage in indoor dog house training or puppy potty training. Of course, there is a method to this madness and many will tell you that it is the best thing going since dog biscuits for their litter box trained dogs!

Have you ever wondered how those dogs on TV do all those amazing feats? It comes from them being trained to do a number of small movements and then they are all put together in a sequence depending on what the dog is needed to do.

The same is true with any kind of training you endeavor with your dog. If you examine the end result of what you are desiring your dog to do and break it down into small steps that are easily learned by your dog, you can then put them all together and voila! You will have your desired result!

Teresa Heath, an expert dog litter box trainer quotes in her #1 Best Seller e-book, “How To Litter Box Train A Dog”, “if the dog fails to learn it is not the dog’s fault it is the fault of the trainer.”

Dog Litter Box Training like any kind of dog house training or housebreaking, takes consistency, patience and above all lots of praise. One of the main keys to success in house training your dog to use a litter box is to have a way to confine your dog when you are not able to watch him like a hawk.

Teresa also states in her e-book that every dog is different and there is set time that litter box training will take. But she does mention that the more consistent the owner or trainer is at closely following the steps, the quicker the dog will learn.

She also is very clear in her determination that any dog, young or old, big or small can be house trained to use a litter box. She firmly believes that an old dog CAN learn a new trick. She has proven it over and over again with many successful older dog owners.

House training your dog using a litter box is probably the most convenient method of house training due to the fact that once your dog is completely litter box trained he can go potty indoors or outdoors depending whichever is most convenient at the time. BUT you must make sure that you don’t take your doggie to go potty during the training process or you will slow down the process of learning and cause your dog to be confused.

On Teresa’s site she shares her very own personal story about how she discovered the process of house training her dog using a litter box from the beginning. All the trials she encountered as she searched for information but found none. Therefore, after she successfully house trained her dog to use a litter box, she realized many people would want to know how to do it. This prompted her to write an e-book that is like no other.

For additional information go directly to this delightful website: You will instantly have access to Teresa’s email address and phone number for any questions you might have.


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