High Stakes Challenge Given to Soros by Founder of Free and Clear Foundations of America

(PRWEB) February 13, 2004

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has said that his main goal right now is to get President George W. Bush out of office in 2004. In numerous public statements he is still willing to gamble his entire fortune if someone can guarantee the defeat of George Bush.

Comes now Gabor Sandor Acs, pronounced, “Acts” or “Axe”, depending on which side of his personality you get on, who is putting forward a guarantee that Bush will lose the 2004 elections.

He is offering to put up $ 7 Billion of his own privately held paper holdings to honor a wager with Soros. If Bush loses, Acs will accept Soros’ fortune through the Free and Clear Foundations of America and work closely with the Open Society Fund to crack open the heads of the corrupt political machines in the United States. According to Acs, Soros really has nothing to lose if he connects and makes the wager.

“The United States is faced with waning international economic power due to the continuing collapse of the dollar, and the Bush administrations’ arrogant military superiority is the United States’ only tool for world domination”, said Acs. “It’s the wrong hammer and the nail is already bent in this administration’s coffin.”

“The expense of this military control is unsustainable while one of the biggest dirty secrets of today’s legal but unethical military industrial financial media complex is that the rest of the globe could topple the United States from its hegemonic status whenever they so choose with a concerted abandonment of the dollar standard”, says Acs.

“This is America’s preeminent, inescapable Achilles Heel and Bush is wearing it on his sleeves. American power is now perceived globally as a greater liability than the dangers of toppling the international order, and the U.S. systems of control are going to be gradually eliminated and collapsed.

“Not only has the Bush Administration been acting against world opinion – as in Iraq – a developing international consensus is already branding the United States as a “rogue nation” and they are voting with their money, not bullets and bombs,” concluded Acs.

Soros, whose major contributions to organizations trying to defeat U.S. President George W. Bush in the 2004 election, has been drawing media attention from around the world, including a recent interview on CNBC in New York.

Acs, the Founder of such organizations as the Free and Clear Foundations of America, the International Bank Activities Reform Commission, The Free and Clear Policy Institute, the Penny Appreciation Fund, Editor and Publisher of the Free and Clear Intelligence Review, has structured a $ 7 billion wager and wants to present it to Soros personally on Long Island, New York where Soros makes his home.

Soros says “I’m still willing to put my money where my mouth is.”

“It’s the central focus of my life,” Soros said in an interview published in the Washington Post back in November of 2003, a day after he gave five million dollars to MoveOn.org, a group dedicated to combating the US president’s policies.

Soros, who has donated more modest sums to Democratic candidates in the past, had already given $ 10 million dollars this past August to “America Coming Together,” or ACT, a group which says it aims to mobilize voters to “defeat George W. Bush and elect progressive candidates all across America.”

“America, under Bush, is a danger to the world,” the 74-year-old Soros declared, adding that Bush is “leading the US and the world toward a vicious circle of escalating violence.” Therefore, he said, the 2004 presidential vote is “a matter of life and death.”

Soros, worth an estimated seven billion dollars, said Bush’s words recall the type of rhetoric used when he was growing up in German-occupied Hungary.

“When I hear Bush say, ‘You’re either with us or against us,’ it reminds me of the Germans,” he said. Right Wing groups have misinterpreted these statements and have tried to counter position themselves by branding Soros as an outspoken opinionated gadfly.

George Soros, one of the world’s richest men, has given away nearly $ 5 billion to promote democracy in the former Soviet bloc, Africa and Asia. Now he is being challenged to put up another $ 7 billion and possibly become a trillionaire in the process. “It all depends on how and when you cover your shorts”, said Acs.

The defeat of President Bush will be on his epitaph according to fellow Hungarian born financier Acs, whose name literally means Carpenter, and whose own private fortune caused a national penny shortage in 1999 through his repeated actions of buying them from homeless people for a nickel each as a method of education on the Alchemy of Finance, a book written by Soros which Acs recommends everyone read and understand fully.

“Like the first Bush who was burned at the voting booths after his own use of military force to get his point across, the second Bush has already stepped into his fathers shoes, and the public is yet to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him God”, said Acs.

Acs is now willing to guarantee Bush’s political demise with his own talent and fortune which he created out of thin air much like the United States did when it added a trillion dollars to the national debt during this administrations’ global domination policies.

Volunteers for the Free and Clear Society International, an offshoot of the Foundations, have been hammering the Soros.org web sites with emails to have Soros contact Mr. Acs so the bet “can be formally placed and history made”, according to sources familiar with Acs who some have called a Magical Magyar Money Man.

Soros, 74, has now become the major financial player pledging to plow through and purge the phony pillars of power politics. He has elicited cries of foul play from the right and center. And with a tight nod, he has pledged: “If necessary, I would give more money.”

“He has been short the US dollar for the past six months and appears to be in a position to become the worlds first trillionaire if he parlays what he knows of public perception into the “Super Alchemy of Global Finance”, said Acs.

Acs who fled communist Hungary at the compassionate hands of his parents in 1956, was raised in Canada and has lived in the US since 1967. He has also formed a Magyar International Trust, pledging millions of his personal holdings to every living blue blooded Hungarian in the world to carry on the bloodline in a richer vein, for a race of people who have had one of the lowest birth rates in the world for the past fifty years.

“If Hitler hadn’t wiped out over a million Hungarian Jews, the world population of Hungarians would be closer to 40 million instead of its current estimate of 20 million worldwide”, said Acs.

“I think that as soon as you dig into this SEC thing further you will see that 100 million American investors are going to go to the polls and realize that Bush and Harken were only the tip of the iceberg in the domestic markets that began their financial meltdown just before Bush took office in 2000”.

Acs can’t vote in the US, he portrays himself as an impartial observer and has never participated in any election. In fact he will tell you he abhors both politics and religion and has dedicated most of his life to separating the two from the subject of economics, yet he has invented one of the strongest definitions of God ever put into words. Acs has never contributed financially to any political groups. He refuses to become a U.S. citizen like Soros. “I’m a citizen of the world, a human being”, says Acs.

“It’s the old combination of Machiavellian strategy combined with Hegelian philosophy,” says Acs, “you conquer and divide by creating lies between two potential political opponents, (Iraq and Iran) then you deliberately create, or negligently allow, (911) certain things to happen which you have been forewarned about, and then you step in with the solution. On the surface you look like a political hero and that is what you want the world to believe. But when the truth is revealed, you have dug your own political grave.

The war on drugs failed, the war on poverty failed, and the war on terrorism is failing. What you resist you get. That is the essence of the Bush administration”, added Acs.

Soros has said he had been waking at 3 a.m., his thoughts shaking him “like an alarm clock.” Sitting in his robe, he wrote his ideas down, longhand, on a stack of pads. Public Affairs published them as a book, “The Bubble of American Supremacy” just released. In it, he argues for a collective approach to security, increased foreign aid and “preventive action.”

“I’ve read every book George has ever written but now I have to play catch up”, said Acs, “and although I couldn’t get into Karl Popper too much, Alfred Korzybski and his “Science and Sanity” more than made up for what I lacked on Popper. Soros did a good job in teaching me, and I am a testament to his solid training.”

“The infinite infinitor of infinities has blessed us both with the talent, ability and foreknowledge to understand the interwoven mechanics of the social domains and the currencies of international trade. Nothing short of personal absolute certainty has led us to this point in our lives. We have very little to lose by entering into this wager and the societies around the world have much more to gain by our mutual certainties.”

“I know in my heart that George is open to learning what his words have wrought in this world, and ultimately, George has been looking for a wiser man than he to succeed him in his effort to open up the world to greater freedom and democracy. I am his best apprentice”, said Acs.

“It would be too immodest for a private person to set himself up against the president,” Soros has said. “But it is, in fact the Soros Doctrine.”

Acs on the other hand has been watch dogging the Bush family for the past fifteen years, even before the first Bush was elected and burned, he was following the money flows into the Carlyle Group and various defense contractors, dogging his fathers trail with an army of volunteers who have given him enough information to make him the most dangerous man alive to the Bush family.

But he doesn’t fear them. His is an uncanny ability to ferret out the truth and bring about justice, and he acknowledges the source of his wisdom openly. “When you are one with the infinite infinitor of infinities, nothing can strike you down, even death. And when the sun rises in the East, while the West lays itself down to sleep, one can still short the Yen and the Pound before everyone else wakes up! It just depends on the Alchemy.”

An aide said Soros welcomes the scrutiny. Soros has become as rich as he has, the aide said, because he has a preternatural instinct for a good deal. Acs has put the best of all possible deals on the table.

Even if Soros loses the bet, and gives his entire fortune to the Free and Clear Foundations, because he is Hungarian, he will still live very comfortably under the auspices of the Magyar International Trust.

In another interview, when asked whether he would trade his $ 7 billion fortune to unseat Bush, Soros opened his mouth. Then he closed it. The proposal hung in the air: Would he become poor to beat Bush?

He said, “If someone guaranteed it.” And Acs has acted to do just that. And he won’t be the poorer for it by having accepted the wager. “It’s got to be the greatest publicity stunt the world has ever experienced”, said one journalist who declined to be identified for this story.


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