Housetraining For Dummies

Housetraining For Dummies

Housetraining For Dummies

The latest information and tips on making housetraining easier for your pet and yourself

Did you know that what you feed your dog can effect help or hinder the housetraining process? That’s just one of the valuable tips you’ll find in Housetraining For Dummies 2nd Edition, the authoritative housetraining reference for new and veteran pet owners alike.

This new edition features plenty of new and revised material on everything from the latest housetraining equipment to the latest information on diet and nutrition and the crucial role it plays in housetraining. You’ll also find useful tips and techniques for creating environmentally safe cleaners from natural products found in the home and alternatives you can use if you have a sensitive pet.

  • Features the latest findings on how pet nutrition can influence housetraining success
  • Offers proven housetraining strategies
  • Introduces new methods for housetraining multiple pets at once
  • Reviews new housetraining equipment and products
  • Shows you how to make environmentally safe stain and odor removers from products already in your home
  • Susan McCullough is a columnist for Dog Fancy magazine and the author of several books including Beagles For Dummies and the award-winning Senior Dogs For Dummies

Housetraining can be a difficult and stressful process for both you and your puppy, adult, or senior dog. Housetraining For Dummies 2nd Edition is the resource you need to make it faster and easier for both of you.

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Olathe, KS (PRWEB) May 19, 2006

An Olathe, KS entrepreneur has turned his love for puppies into a nice business, while providing a much needed system to housebreak your new puppy! Since January 2005 Burke Jones and his business partner Sadie Dal have helped over 500 familys potty train their new puppies.

“Our program, ‘Housebreak Your Puppy in 7 Days!’ ( is truly revolutionary. Everyday we receive compliments from our customers on the quality of the system we have developed”, says Burke Jones, President of TG Inc. the publishing company responsible for the production and marketing materials.

If you are trying to housebreak your puppy there really are a few key components to any system. The first being the age of the puppy; puppies under 12 weeks old are really not very trainable, but you can start to build a routine for them. Puppies, like human children, do the best when there is an established routine, which does not change from day to day.

The next aspect is having a system that allows your puppy to be successful. If you have a system that sets your new puppy up for failure, you will dramatically increase the time it takes to have a housebroken dog.

Further information about this program is available at The full program includes three different schedules that cover all ages of dogs – from puppies to adult dogs. It also includes a comprehensive manual that includes topics such as the psychological factors of housebreaking and the required equipment for a successful training program.


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