How To Train A Puppy – This Is How You Do It

How To Train A Puppy – This Is How You Do It

How To Train A Puppy - This Is How You Do It

Contrary to what some of the dog training books on the market try to lead you to believe, you’re not going to potty train your puppy in three days and you’re not going to obedience train them in seven. Puppies have short attention spans and small bladders and that is why I feel comfortable in making that bold claim and also why I believe that some, not all, but some of the books on the market today are trying to mislead you. The methods outlined in this how to train a puppy book are methods that we use. They work for us and they should work for you.

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Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) June 23, 2011

Labradoodle Story Tails is a Highly Accredited Australian Labradoodle Breeder and they are proud to present Australian Labradoodle Puppies with non-shedding, allergy friendly coats, with calm and mellow temperaments, and very easy to train! Their labradoodle puppies begin their socialization training once they open their eyes. They are exposed to different sounds to build their confidence and played with daily to strengthen the human-canine bond. They work very hard to make sure all their puppies are confident, happy and healthy. They start basic training and potty training at 6 weeks old so that these concepts aren’t brand new to them in their new homes. They firmly believe that holistic nutrition is the foundation of a healthy dog.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies go to their new homes after 9 weeks of age with current vaccinations, spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, health guarantee, registration papers, new puppy packet, potty trained, socialized with basic training started and fed only premium holistic dog food. Labradoodle Story offers life time support with your labradoodle puppy and has amazing references from past puppy buyers.

Labradoodle Story’s breeding dogs are registered with both the Australian Labradoodle Club of America and Australian Labradoodle Association of America. Breeding dogs are fully health tested with amazing therapy lines originating from Rutland Manor, Tegan Park, and Sunset Hills in Australia. (The founders of this incredible breed)

Labradoodle Story’s Breeding Goals Are:

Conformation: Breeding toward more Labrador qualities such as strong boning, square head, and broad chest.

Coat: A non-shedding/non-odor/allergy friendly coat is always first priority, while breeding away from the densely thick and frizzy poodle type coats to achieve a more manageable silky fleece coat.

Temperament: A calm disposition, respectful, and easy to train. With their breeding lines having a rich history of therapy dogs. This trait is much sought after and can not be taught.

Health: All of their Australian Labradoodle breeding dogs are pre-health screened, tested and certified in bone and eye health before they are bred. Most importantly, their dogs come from many generations of health testing which has effectively eliminated common health issues and genetic diseases in their breeding lines.

All their Australian Labradoodle puppies are home raised with a lot of socialization and especially love! Labradoodle Story Tails is proud to say that they are NOT a kennel. Their dogs are a huge part of their family. They breed several excellent representations of the breed, which are allowed free run of their home as well as exercising activities outside. And only bred for a few years then retired early. Labradoodle Story only produces the best Australian Labradoodle puppies possible and they stand behind all their puppies with a written health guarantee.

If interested in adding a smart, respectful, happy, loving and beautiful dog that does not shed into your family Please visit for more information about adopting a Labradoodle puppy!


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