Painting Beagles of Newfoundland Help with Dog Bite Victim Support

Campbellville ON (PRWEB) October 13, 2005

The Painting Beagles of Newfoundland will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their paintings to the Courtney Trempe Memorial Fund for Dog Bite Victim Support. The Painting Beagles are trained by Tonji Stewart of Canine Company Clicker Training and Consulting in Holyrood, Newfoundland. The dogs paint using a painting mitt worn on a paw, they were taught using clicker training, an advanced method of training used by elite trainers of marine mammals, search dogs, service dogs and even zoo animals

Doggone Safe is a non-profit organization incorporated in the US and Canada and is dedicated to dog bite prevention education and victim support. The coroners jury inquest into Courtney Trempes death by a dog attack made numerous recommendations regarding public education, none of which have been implemented. Doggone Safe was formed with the mandate to facilitate implementation of the education based recommendations of the Trempe inquest jury.

It tore my heart out when I heard about Courtneys death and I wanted to take action to try to educate people and prevent further needless tragedy, said Doggone Safe co-founder Teresa Lewin.

In honour of Courtney, the Courtney Trempe Memorial Fund for Dog Bite Victim Support was created and is administered by Doggone Safe. This fund provides financial support to the families of child dog bite victims in areas such as trauma counseling, caregiver support and support for communication with peers while in hospital, where insurance payments fall short. A donation will be made to the Courtney fund when purchasers of works by the Painting Beagles of Newfoundland mention Doggone Safe.

The Painting Beagles of Newfoundland, Tuig and Piper have been clicker trained by professional clicker trainer Tonji Stewart to wear a painting mitten on a paw and create works of art. Tonji and the Painting Beagles were featured on CBC television in Canada earlier in the year. Sadly, Tuig is completely blind and will never see his own work.

“I started painting with Piper, to raise money for an eye operation for Tuig. He was adopted from Beagle Paws rescue and although he will not see again, he can be made comfortable with surgery”, said Stewart.

Now Tuig is doing his own paintings and with clicker training has learned many other behaviours that make his life more interesting, such as riding a trike. Piper knows more than 60 tricks and won the honor of being the mascot for North Atlantic, a Newfoundland and Labrador petroleum company because his trainer taught him to lie on a heating grate and close his eyes on cue.

There is no other training method that could have yielded this result in only a few minutes.

Doggone Safe promotes clicker training as a safe way to train dogs, especially for children, to facilitate the development of a respectful and loving bond between the dog and family members. This all positive method uses the science of operant conditioning to teach dogs without force, punishment or correction.

Clicker training is hands down the best way to train a dog said Teresa Lewin, animal behavior specialist and Vice President, Education and Development for Doggone Safe. If everyone would train their dogs with clicker training from the day they bring them home as young puppies, we would see a lot fewer behaviour problems and aggression as they grow into adults.

We are grateful for the generosity of Ms Stewart and we are pleased to be associated with a clicker trainer of her caliber, said Doggone Safe president, Joan Orr. We hope that this promotion will raise awareness for positive training as well as raising money for the Courtney Fund and promoting awareness of Doggone Safe.

One of the goals of Doggone Safe is to have all children knowing how to be a tree if a strange dog approaches or any dog is becoming too frisky or is worrying them. Trees are boring and the dog will most likely lose interest in a child standing still like a tree.

Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin, co-founders of Doggone Safe, have been nominated for several awards for their work with Doggone Safe and for their Clicker Puppy training DVD by the International Positive Dog Training Association (IPDTA). They will speak at the first annual IPDTA conference to be held in Kitchener ON on October 31, 2005

For general information please visit the Doggone Safe website at, call 1-877-350-3232.

For information about clicker training visit.

About Doggone Safe

Doggone Safe is a non-profit corporation registered in Canada, Ontario and New York State with offices in Canada the US and Australia. Doggone Safes mandate includes dog bite prevention education and dog bite victim support. Educational seminar programs offered by Doggone Safe are Be a Tree (for school-aged children), Be Doggone Smart at Home (for parents), Be Doggone Smart with Your New Baby (for expectant parents) and Be Doggone Smart at Work (for workers who come into contact with dogs on the job).


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