PRI Folding Potty with Handles, White granite

PRI Folding Potty with Handles, White granite

PRI Folding Potty with Handles, White granite

  • Four large rubber pads to grip toilet seat and extended overhangs in front of toilet seat
  • Four hinges are designed so they won’t pinch skin
  • Comes with folding toilet reducer for traveling away from home
  • Handle grips help increase confidence
  • For ages 2 and above

Primo Folding Potty Seat with Handles Potty training your little ones can be quite a hassle for Mom and Dad, but not with the Primo Folding Potty Seat! Toilet cleanliness is a must with a small child, and the Primo Potty Seat with Handles ensures just that! Neither the mother’s or child’s hands need to touch the toilet bowl, guaranteeing hygiene and safety with the potty seat!

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

According to Caryl Wolff, a Los Angeles based dog trainer with over 20 years of experience, Fresh Patch is the best training aid for dog owners in desperate need of an in-home solution.

According to Wolff, Fresh Patch is superior to plastic grass for in-home training. It just doesnt make sense to train puppies on the plastic grass found in most indoor dog potties, says Wolff, because you are working against a dogs natural inclination to do his business on real grass. In contrast, the long-lasting, dirt-free grass in Fresh Patch instinctively draws dogs to use it. Fresh Patch reinforces those instincts.

Wolffs Web site ( contains tips about dog training, as well as guidance about other behavioral issues affecting dogs. Wolff says that after testing out Fresh Patch herself, she was rather impressed with the product and service. I recommend Fresh Patch to owners who want to train their dogs within their homes, she says. She finds the long-lasting grass to be very fresh, clean, and enticing to dogs.

The founder of Fresh Patch, Andrew Feld, thinks that the overall convenience of the product is just as important as the real-grass. He notes that There is no cleaning involved with Fresh Patch. No emptying of trays or hosing down synthetic grass. Simply throw the old one away when the new one arrives at your doorstep.

Fore more information visit the company website at

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