Psychic Pet Control Subliminal Program Helps Pet Owners Humanely Manage Pet Behavior

Malden, MA (PRWEB) August 22, 2006

Pet owners are always looking for training aids to manage and control pet behavior. Some products are not kind and gentle, others are mildly effective and some are very effective. It’s a gamble, and can get expensive. However, products wear out or lose effectiveness over time. What pet owners need is a permanent solution to manage pet behavior in all situations.

ClydeSight Productions has released a new Digital Subliminal Perception Program (DSPP) that comes to the rescue. Called Psychic Pet Control DSPP, it has a unique approach to pet behavior control – the power of psychic communication.

Psychic Pet Control DSPP is a visual subliminal perception program that runs on the computer desktop in 15-minute sessions. The user (not the pet) starts the program, visualizes a desired pet behavior and looks at the monitor while it displays an abstract animation with subliminal messages. There is no soundtrack, and no special equipment is required. Positive, attitude-changing affirmations activate the unconscious mind to increase its psychic communication skills. The result is that the user is able to “send” visual messages to the pet. Additionally, the affirmations instil an attitude of respect, observation and care for the animal. Because everything is visual, there is no “translation” problem. ‘A picture is worth 1,000 words’, and animals – who cannot use words – can certainly understand what they see. In fact, they usually see far more than we do. So transmitting a visual impression of desired behavior psychically makes it easy for the animal to understand. It is most effective when working with cats and dogs.

There is nothing new about psychic communication, especially with pets. The phrase “You know what I mean!” is an example of how much we believe in this kind of communication. Pet owners often report that their animals are “psychic”, that somehow they “know” things. Psychic Pet Control DSPP fills in the missing part of the equation: a person’s ability to use their natural innate psychic abilities to communicate with their pet.

Tim Thompson, developer of the program, learned the psychic technique from his cat, Eddie. Eddie had developed a litter box problem. He’d poop just outside the box.

Says Tim, “I was a little confused. Eddie was perfectly healthy, according to his Vet. He had a very nice covered litter box which I always kept very clean – and he never had litter box behavior problems before. I thought and thought, and suddenly, I saw a picture in my mind of Eddie using the box. The poor thing was hunched over very uncomfortably because of something I had NOT considered. Eddie had grown into a big cat, but his litter box had not grown with him. So it was uncomfortable for him to use it.

I removed the cover and Eddie started using it again as desired. But then I realized the box itself was just too small. It was another visual impression of a very frustrated cat in a very tight space. So I got a new, much bigger box with more “real estate”. I hardly had the thing set up when Eddie came in and used it, right in front of me. Of course, I verbally praised him and then went about my business. That evening, Eddie came to me as I was watching TV. He jumped on the sofa (which he rarely does) and looked me straight in the eye. The look was fascinating, and the impression I got was ‘Thanks for listening!’ Eddies litter box problems are now over!”

The obvious next step was to try the process in reverse. Again, Eddie proved a good subject. Says Tim, “Eddie has a habit of sleeping on the computer desk. There really isn’t enough room and I’d prefer that he not do it. One day, while he was sleeping on the desk, I decided to try some psychic communication. I visualized him getting down and not returning. He woke up a few minutes later and jumped off the desk. The next day, as I was working, he came in, looking ready to pounce. I said nothing but visualized him sitting down on the floor instead. I kept the picture in my mind. It was fascinating. He twitched his tail for a moment, licked his lips, then sat down on the floor, just as I had pictured! I went back to my computer work and visualized Eddie going into the other room to take a nap. Amazingly, a few minutes later, he did exactly that, just as I had seen it in my mind!”

Thompson is a veteran in animal care. He was a member of the Board for the Melrose Humane Society for 8 years and is the Editor and founder of the “How To Live With Your Cat Journal” (, a free on-line e-zine with articles on creating a harmonious and happy environment for cats and humans. Psychic Pet Control DSPP is the logical extension of Thompson’s work.

In addition to the obvious benefits for the individual pet owner, the program can also help animal shelters. Says Thompson “We have an affiliate arrangement available for any pet shelter who sells the program to their patrons. They get a percentage of each sale. Everybody wins. The pet owner has a permanent and humane tool for managing their pet’s behavior, the shelter earns much needed funds, the pets live in a happy and harmonious home, and our message of humane and sensible animal control goes out into the world. It’s a total win-win situation!”

Psychic Pet Control DSPP can work with cats and dogs and is only available for purchase on-line. More details can be found at:

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