Shiatsu Schools Combine to Rekindle the Ancient Fire Festival of Beltane

(PRWEB) April 12, 2006

One of the Wonders of our modern World is being able to combine so many ancient and beautiful traditions, from natural healing and oriental martial arts, to Beltane, our own ancient fire festival to celebrate the coming of summer and bless the land.

In olden times lovers would leap the Beltane fires and frolic in the meadows to ask the Earth-Goddess for abundance in the coming season. Boys and Girls prepare the May Pole, women digging the hole, men decorating the shaft, then all dancing around it, the last pair being hand-fasted for the year.

Adding to this joy of celebration are ingredients from the ‘Old Ways’ of other First Nations, whose ancient wisdom, medicine and martial arts can help us in our busy world.

Taking a step out of the hustle and bustle into a Lincolnshire meadow among kindred spirits, having fun and saying a prayer for Whirled Peas at sunrise and sunset, sitting round the campfire in the evenings, with songs and stories restores, just for a weekend, a grown-up childhood!

The Zen School of Shiatsu, the Rosewell Centre, the London Tao and the Zen Shiatsu Society together facilitate the Beltane Fire Festival over the May Day weekend, at the Rosewell Centre near Stamford, South Lincolnshire.

Workshops in Shiatsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Fire-dancing, Fire-walking, Treatment exchanges; woodland walks; story-telling and feasting…

Sleeping in the Taoist Tipi or the Yin-Yang Yurt offers a different kind of connection with the earth. For many the highlight experience is the mystery and magic of Sweat Lodge.


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