Tips and Tricks to Potty Training Your Dog: The Essential Guide

Tips and Tricks to Potty Training Your Dog: The Essential Guide

Tips and Tricks to Potty Training Your Dog: The Essential Guide

Potty training is one of the vital dog obedience trainings that a dog or puppy should learn. No matter what age the dog is, puppy or adult, it needs the proper potty training. Also, no matter what the size, whether small or large dogs, they need the rules, boundaries and limitation from you. Start potty training your dog now and avoid having accidents around your house. Not only can your dog benefit from the training but also you. To live a life without house mess can also be achievable through dog housetraining.

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 4, 2006

In this dog eat dog world sometimes you need a night to sit back and relax. Look out Snoop and Lil Bow Wow, you too Randytheres a new dog in town. Last Saturday, on March 25, dog and owner where able to mix it up socially with friends, colleagues, peers and strangers as Sky Barks inaugural green grass carpet event opening was a howling success.

These dogs got down at the pup party while drinks and food were offered to all creatures involved in a beautiful setting overlooking the Los Angeles downtown skyline. Located at 1026 Santa Fe Ave, Sky Bark is the newest downtown club offering a place for both humans and canines to live it up late night. For the first time, owners could bring their best four legged friends out in a social atmosphere where cocktails and food are offered in a lively public environment. Sky Bark is the brain child of Los Angeles based entrepreneur Brandon Hochman. In collaboration with Hangar 1018 Art Gallery, the night offered live music, photographs and paintings from local artists, DJs spinning records, two dance floors, three bars and catered food for the owners. The dogs enjoyed 2500 square feet of grass to play in, fully equipped with chew toys and gourmet treats from New Moon brought in by Pet Flys and Ruff Ruff Bakery along with Dogwa to sip on. PETaPOTTYs were scattered throughout the venue for the animals bathroom needs. Both parties involved benefited from the social atmosphere. National media outlets covered the event. Dogs mixed it up with dogs, humans mingled with humans and, of course, vice versa.

Early in the evening, a pet adoption and silent auction benefiting the Katrina Relief effort took place downstairs in Brandon Hochmans PETaPOTTY offices and show room. New Leash on Life, whom produce Nuts for Mutts are responsible for saving the lives of thousands of dogs each year. Most recently their efforts have been focused on the 1,000s of animals left homeless after Hurricane Katrina in hopes to find them loving homes. The silent auction had high end canine related products donated from multiple companies in the pet industry. All products were auctioned off while multiple dogs were adopted. Thanks to the continual selfless work by all volunteers involved these animals truly have a new leash on life.

When the charity event ended participants headed to the roof for a doggone good time. Owners sipped drinks from the bar while watching their pets play with other four legged friends. People and pets both got their paws on the dance floor while music raged. When conversations ran stale dogs where scratched. Smiles were infectious while people laughed with one another and played with their own as well as others pets. Downtown buildings lit up in the night made for a perfect backdrop. The upstairs contained one fully stocked bar, catered food, two play areas for the dogs on opposite ends of the roof supplied with doggy toys and PETaPOTTYs, plenty of seating, a dance floor and a DJ. The event offered generous party bags filled with colorful collars and other valuable products which the dogs happily sported giving a circus vibe to the event. Pooches dawning outfits which Paris Hilton would drool over pranced around mingling with other fashionably clad canines. The most photographed event of the night took place when a giant Great Dane whom needed a saddle more than a leash made friends with a tiny Chihuahua. The energy was electric.

When the rain started to fall and paws got wet most guests migrated to the first floor. Downstairs offered an art show at the Hangar 1018 gallery while another DJ spun records in between live music acts from local bands. Local artists also hung their work on the walls. The dogs were welcome in this section of Sky Bark, as well. Patrons admired the bands and artwork while dogs happily wagged their tails during this new festive environment. Over 500 people and pets migrated from the rooftop to the art show and back all night long. There was enough going on all around Sky Bark to keep a dogs attention.

Sky Bark will be a seasonal event with another party on tap for the Fourth of July. This event will have a canine carnival theme. Once again dogs can enjoy the same nightlife as their owners only this time with the downtown skyline being lit up with fireworks being launched all around from Long Beach to Dodger Stadium. The event could not have been so successful if not for the work and sponsorship support put in by Brandon Hochman, PETaPOTTY, Doggie Springs, Pet Flys, Sherpa, New Moon, Hangar 1018, Little Lily, Fido Friendly, Top Dog, Bark Ave., CatNap, Ruff Rider, Dogswell Treats, The Paw Kit, Train Your Dog In No Time, Petn Shape, Pampered Pooch, Pet Step, Tolsek, Lupine, Ruff Ruff Bakery, Gold Digger, Scoopy Doo, Chic Pet, Smell u Later and New Leash on Life.


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