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(PRWEB) September 18, 2004

“It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or an adult dog” says Daniel Stevens, author of the

wildly popular ebook Sitstayfetch: Powerful Secrets That Will Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour.

“You will learn to obedience train your dog properly and quickly.”

Stevens claims that the key to any dog problem is learning how to get your dog to understand what you’re trying to say. Many so-called dog training techniques actually inhibit dogs from learning properly and quickly. SitStayFetch is the easiest to follow dog obedience book on the market today. It includes step-by-step directions and over 100 exclusive photos of dog training in action. Visit the website at:

Stevens reveals all the secrets of professional trainers such as; the best way to quickly housetrain a puppy or adult dog; how to curb your dogs aggressiveness; how to stop your dog from constantly barking, jumping on people, digging, chewing or destroying your stuff; why your dog might not know you’re correcting him and how to make him understand.

Owners also learn the secrets to training their dogs many specific commands including; Come, Sit, Stay, Down, Stand, Heel, Seek (Find), Fetch (Retrieve), Crawl, Jump, Rollover, Climb Ladders, Shake Hands and so much more.

And for those clients who seem to have an unusually hard to solve problem, Stevens also offers free email consultation. You can find out more information about Daniel Stevens amazing ebook for training puppies and dogs by visiting the following website:

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