Training Your Dog in the Digital Age: World Renown Animal Trainer Makes Full Video Library Available Over the Internet

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) June 6, 2006

Karen Pryor, a pioneer and innovator of force-free training systems for pets and animals since 1960, is leveraging the power of the Internet and high-speed connections to give pet owners instantaneous access to complete lessons for training their dogs, cats, llamas, rabbits, and even pet fish through ClickFlicks, a new and unique online service.

ClickFlicks ( is the first site to offer an entire librarys worth of downloadable video lessons for training pets. With the new ClickFlicks service, pet owners and pet professionals can preview and download top-quality video lessons just as easily as listening to and purchasing music online. Over 50 video lessons and full-length videos, all produced by top animal trainers, are already available. ClickFlicks makes a comprehensive, quality video library instantly and conveniently available with zero shipping costs and zero ground transport time.

Customers purchase a complete video or just the video lesson that interests them. For example, if a pet owner wants to learn to housetrain a puppy, she can preview and purchase a video lesson designed just for that purpose. If she wants to teach a dog to wait calmly at open doors, theres a video lesson on that, too. Have a dog that needs to learn to sit to greet strangers, instead of jumping up? Want to teach your dog to fetch a drink from the fridge? From complete puppy and adult dog training, to cool and useful behaviors, good manners, service dog training, and canine competition skills, ClickFlicks has it all.

The all-positive training methods offered on ClickFlicks use clicker training, an increasingly popular punishment-free technique that Karen Pryor helped to pioneer, now employed by top animal trainers, oceanariums, and zoos around the world as well as thousands of pet trainers and owners globally. The efficiency and power of clicker training appeals to the many pet owners and professional trainers who wont use training methods based on dominance, fear, and the kind of discipline promoted by Cesar Millan, among others.

The global community of clicker trainers have demonstrated over and over again that the most powerful and fun way of teaching is through applying the scientific principles of operant conditioning and a marker signal, said Karen Pryor. Professional trainers are increasingly giving up punishment in favor of clicker training because of how quickly and efficiently animals learn when trainers use clicker training. Its already turned the corner in the large institutions and we have incredible momentum in the general public arena. The power of this training technique is something that is best seen to be believedand ClickFlicks makes it real and accessible because a video is worth ten thousand words.

Pryor added, ClickFlicks video lessons are also a useful tool for professional trainers, who can use video lessons to provide their students a compelling picture of where theyre heading and whyand highlight the simple and incomparable clarity of clicker training. A quick video of distance work, for example, can work wonders. A dog working at a distance is jaw-dropping stuff. Its impact can be seen in students faces. You mean that could be me? That could be my dog? Yes, absolutely.

ClickFlicks video lessons are only $ 4.99! Full-length videos at ClickFlicks sell for less than the boxed price, and there are free streaming video lessons on the FreeFlicks section of the website. ClickFlicks is the most economical and most convenient way to understand how to train your pet to become the lifelong companion you want. Accelerate your learning, bit by bit.


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