UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty

UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty

UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty

  • UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty is designed to make clean up simple, easy, and certainly mess free without burdening the environment
  • UGODOG has a solid base that will support any canine, regardless of breed or size
  • UGODOG uses two smaller, removable, fitted grates rather than one large one to make cleanup of the grates easier and more convenient
  • The UGODOG grids are specifically designed and engineered to support dogs and accomodate their delicate paws. The beams of the UGODOG grids are thick and convex in shape to cushion dog’s paws.
  • The UGODOG grates also allow the pooh to settle on top making clean up easy and mess free. Simply lift the grate with the pooh on it and drop the pooh in a recycled waste bag and throw away. The grates allow for your pet’s paws to remain dry as the urine passes through the cubed openings and on to the base below where canine pee pads, or more preferably newspaper, absorbs the urine and odor

UGODOG is an innovative and environmentally friendly indoor dog potty and house training system. UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty will not only keep your dog’s paws dry, but will keep your house dry, just the way you and your puppy prefer it. UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty provides all of the benefits of a dog litter box without any of the mess. Please keep in mind this is a great house training tool that will require some effort from the owner. We offer training instructions with each shipment and encourage folks to contact us directly if they would like any additional guidance on your puppy/dog’s behavior. We have worked with dog trainers to make sure the UGODOG is effective and consistant.
UGO Petcare LLC also offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the cost of the UGODOG.
UGO Petcare LLC. offers an online training manual with each order. For a link to our online training manual contact UGO Petcare LLC at and provide your Amazon order number and we will send you the link.

List Price: $ 49.90

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Los Angeles (PRWEB) March 3, 2004

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Sharon Osbourne is known to have problems with her dogs going potty inside her home in places where they should not be going potty. Now that she owns the PETaPOTTY, she can begin to stop worrying about unwanted messes in her home. Sharon is the second celebrity to catch on to the ingenious invention known as the PETaPOTTY. Vanessa Lengies of NBC’s American Dreams first caught on to this product last year.

With more and more celebrities noticing and using this product, the team at PETaPOTTY hopes to achieve its goal of letting all pet lovers know that there is a solution available for their potty worries. So say farewell to messy paper-training, emergency late night dog walks, and unwanted household messes and solve your problems with the PETaPOTTY. After all, why should dogs have to rely on you? They need potties too!

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