Unique and New Dog Training Portal Launched – DogTrainster.com Set Up to Provide Tips and Tricks by Panel of Experts from Around the World.

Charlottesville, VA (PRWEB) May 25, 2006

Before you invest time and money in researching on dog training over the internet or buy books from the Internet or your local bookstores, check out DogTrainster.com on dog training resources. With her 25 years of experience and having 7 dogs, Joanne Kok, the founder of DogTrainster.com have at least a word or two to offer to dog training enhusiasts. Her suggestions on dog training are practical and gained from long solid experiences. Joanne has written a digital ebook on “Train Yourself to Train Your Dog” and can be purchased and downloaded from http://www.DogTrainster.com/cms/TrainYourself.html

According to Joanne, “The question I get most often is,’ What is the single most important secret in training a dog?’Every dog is different. You may also be surprised to know that dogs could be either left or right handed! Therefore, the secret is actually knowing your dog and what methods suits them most. My job is to offer the dog training enthusiasts, may it be participants, judges, organizers of dog training events and contests or even the family members trying to help their loved ones train their beloved dog, and also offer ways of handling different circumstance or situation in the the course of training the dog.

The digital ebook, aptly named “Train Yourself to Train Your Dog”, details the Dog Training System made for “regular people” with little or no experience in dog training, so that they will quickly discover that training their dogs can be fast, fun, and affordable.

Written in plain, easy-to-understand language-with no complicated instructions – this informative formula ebook shows the reader everything they need to know to easily train their dog and make a remarkable impression with their friends and also prepare their dogs for competition, if need be. You’ll learn all of the basics… how to avoid certain training mistakes, what are the best training methods suited to your dog, and much more.The book is extremely simple and user-friendly. All of the information is laid out clearly, and concisely, so you can learn at your own pace and not feel overwhelmed.

“People might even start saying that you are ‘Studying for Dog Training Excellence’ when they hear about your amazingly responsive dog!”, declares Joanne.

Joanne has tied up with Susie Due, a renowned dog training expert from Prineville Oregon, USA. “First off I would like to thank the owner of DogTrainster.com for allowing me to be the training consultant. I consider this a great honor. Born June 4th, 1962 in Prineville Oregon. I actively worked in the motion picture industry. Between this, and working part-time training horses and dogs, I led a very rewarding life. I married my first love on December 31st, 1986. After moving into his residence, we fenced the land and turned it into a hobby farm which they named “Whispering Pines K-9’s”. Here we train and trial Old Style Border Collies and Standard Dachshunds. We also have exotic birds and do animal rescue.”

DogTrainster plans to rope in more experts in the area of dog training in the coming weeks. With this addition, the digital book will be updated frequently for those who have and will purchase it.

“The book could be used even out of the United States or any part of the world as the principles and methods detailed in the ebook are universal and time tested across different cultures. Even in Asia, Europe or Middle East, dog training enthusiasts can be assured that they will find something in the book to be of use. It is also an informative, enjoyable and entertaining book to read”, says Joanne.

Joanne Kok has been studying dog behaviour for the past 25 years since she was 4 years old.. She has broken the components into easy to understand sections to help the reader of the ebook to understand and implement practical steps in dog training so they will achieve success in training their beloved dog.

For information: http://www.DogTrainster.com

Contact: contact @ DogTrainster.com


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